Your Guide to Senior Year

Welcome to our year-by-year breakdown of how to prepare for college applications! Our final post in this series is all about preparing for your Senior Year. Please note that this guide is a very generalized plan—use it as a starting point, and feel free to tailor it to your own situation. For more personalized tips and advice about applying, check out our virtual advising services!

  • You can’t slack off yet! The first semester of senior year is often just as intense as the second semester of junior year. As always, take hard classes, maintain that GPA, and keep up those extracurriculars.

  • Revise your college list. You’ll probably have to submit your list to your high school around September, so get things mostly finalized before then. It’s okay to put down schools on your cover sheet and then end up not applying to them, so be generous when filling out your cover sheet.

  • Before your school’s deadline, keep attending college fairs and college representative presentations, and touring campuses, if possible.

  • Follow up with your recommenders and ask if they need anything else. Later, after they submit their letters or after you’ve figured out where you’re going next year, make sure to stop by and thank them with a kind card and/or gift.

  • Register for and take standardized tests, if you need to.

  • Continue editing any essays you started in the summer, and get started on supplements and everything else. Figure out some sort of schedule for yourself to manage your essay-writing.

  • Submit your college applications as early as possible! Send transcripts and official test scores, if necessary.

  • Schedule interviews if requested and prepare for them accordingly. We’ll be uploading a more detailed guide to interviews so stay tuned for more updates!

  • Apply for scholarships. There are lots of websites online, and you can also check with your school for local scholarships.

  • Don’t blow off your AP tests in May! It’s a good idea to register and study for them, because they can often get you college credit.

  • Enjoy the rest of your senior year, but don’t let senioritis get to you! You don’t want to get rescinded. :)

  • Graduate and celebrate. You made it!

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